Strip and Paint Process at East Coast Aircraft

Strip & Paint Process:

Aircraft stripping and cleaning
Clean and Strip
The first step is to hand-wash your aircraft, cutting dirt, waxes, bugs, etc. After drying, the sensitive parts of the aircraft, including flight controls, are removed or protected with aluminum and plastic sheeting. A non-acidic, environmentally friendly chemical stripper is then applied.
Aircraft Priming
Prep and Prime
The aircraft will be sanded as required to remove all paint or primer residue, not removed by stripping. Composite parts will be sanded as required. Bodywork, fiberglass and dents will be repaired. Next, a three-step process begins with another hand washing. This time, an alkaline soap is used to ensure a clear start and a chemical etch is applied to all aluminum surfaces. Lastly, the entire surface is treated with alodine to create a layer of aluminum oxide. The conversion to aluminum oxide is critical in assuring corrosion resistance and paint adhesion in the years to come.
Basecoat application to paint the aircraft
Basecoat Application
An epoxy chromate primer and an epoxy surfacer are applied in succession to ensure a perfectly smooth surface on which the base coat of paint is applied. To ensure that your paint finish has a wet look and to insure proper adhesion, 3-5mls of polyurethane basecoat are applied.
Custom paint scheme for your aircraft
Design Scheme Application
Next, our graphic designer will meet with you and design your custom paint scheme. Our design team lays out your personal paint scheme on the aircraft by hand. This is one of many steps we take to ensure that you get the exact look you want.
*Process may vary based on each individual project.
Final Coat and Colors
After final approval, the colors are applied.

*Process may vary based on each individual project.

Custom Aircraft Painting:

  • Strip & Paint
  • Sand & Paint
  • Paint Custom Logo
  • Stripe Color Change
  • Polish Bright Work
  • N-Number Change
  • Exterior Placard Kit
  • Clean & Polish Boots
  • Window Sealant
  • Erosion Boot
  • General Touch Up
  • - Repair dents, scratches, and color
    match paint

Quality standards:



Our standard paint job includes many extras above the industry standards.



We offer Registration (N-Number) change via the FAA.



· 12,000 square feet paint hangar
· 6,000 square feet Interior hangar



· Clean and polish boots.
· Meticulous detail process to insure neat and crisp lines.

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