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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you do partial interior refurbishment?

Our interior crew can repair sections of your interior. Seat recovery, seat dye, replace carpet, replace curtains, etc.

What does a standard interior job entail?

A standard interior job starts with removing the full interior from aircraft.  Stripping the old materials off.  Then, send out the seatbelts to be rewebbed.  The seat bases are painted to match leather, new canvas is installed to seat frame, and leather is cut and sewn to customer design.  The lower side panels are also recovered with new leather/fabric. Carpet is cut and serged, headliner and window panels are recovered with ultraleather. *May vary depending on aircraft.

What is the additional cost for the interior job?

Our interior quote is basic, additional services are available upon request. Examples of extras, on the interior job, are two tone seats, design on the side panels, custom carpet, elaborate seat design, fireblock certification, etc.

Can you do partial paint jobs?

Our paint crew can do touch up on your aircraft. Change stripe colors, change registration #, paint logos, etc.

What is the difference between a strip & paint and sand & paint job?

The difference between a strip & paint and sand & paint job is that a strip and paint job includes chemically stripping the aircraft to the bare metal. The sand and paint is a scuff on the top coat, leaving the previous primer. Then paint over.

What is back tape?

Back tape is when a stripe goes over another stripe, without any separation.

Which paint colors are more expensive?

Some of the more expensive paint colors are red, orange and yellow.

What is a two tone paint scheme?

A two tone or split paint scheme is when a large portion of the aircraft (usually half the fuselage) is painted one color and the other portion is painted another color. For example, if the top half of the aircraft is painted white and the lower half is painted blue.

What does the strip and paint job entail?

A strip and paint job starts by inspecting the aircraft for superficial damage.  Mask the aircraft for stripping process.  Then, stripping the aircraft, then sand off residue left behind by the stripper and corrosion. All composite parts are sanded only.  Then, we etch and alodine the aluminum on the aircraft to treat and prevent corrosion.  Prime with epoxy primer, and paint with polyurethane paint.  The layout comes next and painting of the design.  Final steps are removing masking tape and paper, PRC sealant around windows, cleaning of stripes, replacing standard stainless steel screws, etc. *May vary
depending on aircraft.

What would be an additional cost on the paint job?

Our paint quote is basic, additional services are available upon request. Examples of extras on the paint job: a two tone paint scheme, metallic paint, elaborate paint schemes, aircraft weight and balance, sand and paint wheel wells, etc.

What is the standard paint job?

The standard paint job is a strip and paint with a white (solid) base coat, and 2 to 3 stripes (about 4” wide). 

Does the standard paint job include clear coat?

The standard paint job does not include clear coat. If the paint color is metallic we do clear coat that color only.

Which paint brand do you use?

The most popular is Jet Glo and Acry Glo from Sherwin Williams. Also included in our basic price are Alumigrip and Awlgrip. Additional cost might apply for PPG and Axalta paint.

What is the time frame/down time for a paint and/or interior job?

The standard down time is 6 to 8 weeks.

What is the nearest airline terminal?

There is Daytona Beach, Sanford, and Orlando all about 30 – 45 minutes away.

How can we get to the nearest airline terminal?

There are taxis, shuttles and UBER in DeLand that can take you to the nearest airline terminals. There is also Enterprise and Hertz close by.

Who is the owner of the company?

The owners are Paulus Nobrega and Marta Nobrega. This is a family business.

What are the hours of operation?

Our hours of operation are Monday thru Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. We may be available per appointment on the weekends or after hours.

Which airport are you located in?

ECAP is located in KDED, on the North East corner.

Our address is 2007 Industrial Drive, DeLand, FL 32724

Are you a 145 repair station?

We are not a 145 repair station. We do have an A&P mechanic on staff. 

Are you a Fixed Based Operator (FBO)?

We are not a FBO. DeLand Aviation is the FBO here in Deland.

What is not covered under warranty?

Warranty does not cover aircraft that is not maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, normal wear and tear, if aircraft was repaired outside ECAP, neglects, misuse, or accidents. Under a paint job, a sand and paint job is does not have warranty. Due to the fact that we would just sand the top layer of the paint and paint over the old primer.  There is no way to know what the condition the old primer is in. Paint application to erosion areas (leading edges, windshield frames, etc.), working fasteners, stressed or flexing composite panels, body fairings and winglets, to paint cracking on seam sealants on butt joints, lap seams and access panels, among others.

What is covered under warranty?

A strip and paint job warranty covers paint applied on aircraft. An interior job warranty covers new material installed. “*Limitation may apply. Varies per project.”

What is the warranty period?

Our warranty is for one year or 300 flight hours, whichever comes first.

Can you assist with aircraft registration change?

On the FAA website you can reserve a N#, this takes up to 6 months. May vary depending on FAA work load. Once you get the reservation letter from the FAA, you must assign the reserved N# to the aircraft, this takes up to 6 weeks. Once you receive a letter from the FAA showing the new N# is assigned to your aircraft, then we can paint the new N# on your aircraft. 

Per the FAA, the aircraft registration number should be 12” tall and 2” wide.

Are all control surfaces removed, rebalanced and reinstalled?

As part of a strip and paint job, all control surfaces are removed, rebalanced, and reinstalled by a licensed A&P mechanic. *May vary depending on aircraft.

How many hours are included in the quote for corrosion/bodywork?

Our standard quote includes 8 hours for corrosion and bodywork. If over 8 hours of corrosion and bodywork is required it will be charged extra at a rate of $150.00 per hour plus materials.

What is the smallest size aircraft you can work on?

There is not a limit. We can work on any size aircraft.

Up to what size aircraft can you fit in your hangar?

Our hangar can accommodate up to a Gulfstream V.

What is the size of your hangar?

The larger paint shop is 12,000 square foot (120 ft x 100 ft x 35 ft), the enclosed paint booth is 6,000 square feet, our interior shop is 6,000 square feet and our cabinet shop is 5,400 square feet.

Is there sales tax to be charged?

In the state of Florida, since 2013, aircrafts over 2,500 pounds, do not have to pay sales tax for aircraft paint and interior refurbishment.

What is the shop rate?

Our shop rate is $150 per hour.

How much advance time is needed to schedule the aircraft?

Usually a week or two advance notice, may vary per our schedule.

What are the acceptable methods of payments?

Acceptable payment methods are wire transfer, cashier’s check, and cash.

How are the payments to be made?
  • A 50% deposit is required once the aircraft arrives.
  • A 25% progress payment will be requested during the process.
  • A 15% progress payment will be requested during the process.
  • The final balance will be due when the aircraft is completed.
What do I have to do when dropping off the aircraft to ECAP?

You would need to sign the contract.

Give a 50% deposit.

Choose a paint scheme/seat design.