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Citation and Phenom Experts For Private Jet Interior Work

With the lead time for a new jet so long and demand continuing to increase, buying a preowned aircraft may be the sensible option. That said, the most important part that will have the biggest visual impact is the interior. East Coast Aircraft Painting are your Citation and Phenom experts for private jet interior work.

The most popular smaller private jets in use today are Embraer Phenom 300 and Cessna Citation Excel. This is based on public data for the number of flights.

According to Marta Nobrega, East Coast Aircraft Painting Owner, “A partial refurbishment that targets simple soft goods, like carpets, seat covers, and curtains will make a huge difference. We have many customers who do these partial upgrades.”

These partial upgrades or restorations will also save money compared to a full interior job.

She added, “It can also involve cabinetry, upholstery, seating reconfigurations, connectivity, avionics upgrades, custom paint jobs, and more. We do it all.”

People sometimes refer to this as refurbishing, but it should be considered as an upgrade that adds value. As you can imagine the ideas for an interior project are almost limitless. The project can be as broad as a new floorplan design or something as simple as just replacing the carpeting.

A partial refurb like using neutral colors will make the cabin appear larger. Or using elements like seat cushions that can be turned over for two different looks.  This décor change lets you show some distinct individual flair.

And something as simple as a pattern or monogram on the seats will make it appear custom. However, the design should be more tailored to your logo or something generic.  

And of course, let’s not forget the paint. Straight white with stripes will always be the most economical. But if you want any custom designs or logos, and even ‘N’ numbers, we have you covered.

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Citation and Phenom Experts For Private Jet Interior Work