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Expert Painting

Scheme Design

At East Coast Aircraft Painting, Inc. we offer on-site scheme design for your aircraft in a variety of options: from a basic stripe design to an elegant two-tone color design with many extras. 


Basic Scheme Design

Our basic quotes include a white base with up to 3 (4”) stripes, separated by white (no overlapping). This is a classic, clean style.  This choice is often used for executive aircraft.

Intricate / Extra Stripes

Includes Extra stripes (more than three, or much wider) and Tail, wing tip, tip tank and cowling designs.

Two-tone Scheme Design
Basic scheme design with 1/3 of the aircraft as a secondary color.

Two-tone w/ Extras

Want something unique?  Combine our available options when choosing this style. A common choice for those wanting a 2/3 secondary color two tone that flows onto the tail of the aircraft.

*Metallic/Pearl paint colors will be an additional cost.