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Private Jet Painting Every 4 Years

A common question we get asked is, how often does an aircraft need to be repainted ? Typically private jet painting every 4 years is standard, depending on color. Color can have a significant impact on that timeline. White aircraft tend to last longer between repainting. Additionally, custom graphics, bright highlights, will all make a paint job look older faster.

While there are those who say aircraft should be painted every 5-10 years to protect the aircraft against corrosion. This assumes that the aircraft is hangered or has been flown in optimum conditions.

White is clearly the most popular color. The first advantage, just like in cars, is it reflects light and stays cooler.

If the plan is to add accents or a logo to the aircraft, then white is the perfect background. And, just like neutral colors when reselling a home, white can help with resale value. White is also perceived to be clean and new looking. When people hire a private jet charter, white aircraft are always more popular.

Now the downside of white. It can be more difficult to keep clean and when there is a flaw on the surface, there is no way to hide it. Not to mention other deterioration such as cracking or oil leaks.

But when you consider a super midsize jet will cost more than $100,000 to paint, white does tend to last longer than other colors.

At East Coast Aircraft Painting, we have been private jet painting experts for over 20 years. All our paint work comes with a 1-year warranty or 300 hours, whichever comes first. Generally, we only need a week or two’s notice to schedule your painting project.

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Private Jet Painting Every 4 Years

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